Core Values

Our core values are meant to be a reflection of the culture we see at Grace Point Church right now. Reading these should give you a good idea of the spirit of Grace Point.

Each value statement is teamed with a question designed to help you reflect on your own personal growth as we walk this journey together.

1 - We live fearlessly, forgive generously and speak openly. We reject the culture of sin management and embrace confession, honesty and grace in relationship with others.

Question - Am I stepping into my fears and living honestly before others?


2 - We serve our neighbor with abandon. We pour our energy into sacrificial and strategic service for the common good of those who live next door and around the world.

Question - Who, where and how am I serving?


3 - We believe we are transformed spiritually when we embrace challenges together. Faith is exercised when failure is possible. We hate sideways momentum. We are either growing or dying.  

Question:  How is my faith transforming me?


4 - Ministry always comes before money. If God wants us to do it, we will step out in faith. 

Question:  Who do I trust and what do I value?


5 - The fullness of God beats the brokenness of man any day. The life of God is more fulfilling than money, sex, power, reputation or anything else we chase. 

Question - What do my desires tell me about my heart?


6 - At the beginning, middle and end of the day, God is in charge and what He wants, goes. The Bible reveals God’s clearest desires. When what I want conflicts with what God wants, He wins.

Question - How much authority am I willing to give God & His Word in my life?


7 - We aim for joyful, creative and engaging environments for our hearts to be captured by the life of Jesus. Every age group should look forward to Grace Point events. 

Question - Is the environment I'm helping to create engaging?