Library Resources

We have some new resources available in our Library for small or large group study:

Gospel In Life – Grace Changes Everything - Tim Keller

Becoming a Good Samaritan - Michael Seaton

The Me I Want To Be - John Ortberg

Sacred Marriage: What if God Designed Marriage to make us Holy more than to make us Happy - Gary Thomas

Surprised by Hope - N. T. Wright

As well as some others recently available: 

Life on the Lighter Side - Dennis Swanberg

Life is Short… Laugh Hard! - Dennis Swanberg

The Swan’s Bail-Out with Laughter - Dennis Swanberg

Flywheel - from the creators of Facing the Giants comes Flywheel! Jay Austin wants to sell you a used car in the worst way...and that's exactly what he'll do! No one can trust him - especially his wife and son. Yet as Jay restores a classic convertible, he sees God working to restore him as well. Get ready to cheer and cry as Jay Austin begins the ride of his life when he learns to honor God with his business, his relationships, and his life!  

The Animal Kinds - Kids love animals, and they love singing, too. In this delightful sing-and-learn-along DVD, your kids will join children at the Creation Museum’s cool botanical gardens and petting zoo as they learn about the amazing animal “kinds” that God created. Dinosaur sculptor and songwriter Buddy Davis visits with zoo and museum staff members who show the incredible design features God put into His animals, including the camel, dog, and horse kinds.