december 2021

Below are some requests from a GPC family serving in Western Asia

-School started up in-person in September! This was a huge blessing for our family. Natalie is the same class as Felicia's daughter and Josiah (Eric and Jill's son). Julia is enjoying school and was very excited to be able to do a program for the republic holiday at the end of October. Please ask that they will make good friends and be wise in navigating peer drama. 

-Over the summer a new family started working at the retreat center, but ended up not staying past two months because of health issues. In September, a new secretary started working and just last week a new family came who are like-minded. Please ask that they will be a good fit and be a light and catalyst to the other staff and our small fellowship downtown

-Shannon is back in town after having been stateside for the summer. She is teaching English Fri-Sun, which gives her more time to be involved with the work in townPlease ask for wisdom for her as she tries to determine how to best use her time during the week. 

-We have started meeting weekly again as a fellowship (twice a month all together, twice separate men's and women's). Last week we had a record turnout of 8 nationals at our house! Please ask for wisdom, unity, excitement and joy as we continue to meet.

-Please ask for all of us to have wisdom about who to spend our time with and for boldness to share about our amazing Father!

november 2021 - Heather albrecht

Heather works with New Mornings Reentry Services, mentoring women at the Chester Counter Correctional Center and leading a Fresh Start class. Covid has definitely disrupted the routine of prison ministry and made mentoring and supporting women more challenging.

- Please pray for incarcerated men and women who have been severely isolated for the past 18 months. Pray that they will maintain good mental health and their desire to learn about Jesus would grow. Please pray for chaplains and staff to have wisdom about reinstating visitation and programs.

-Pray for the missionaries and volunteer teams at New Mornings Reentry Services to be encouraged and have renewed passion for prison ministry. Pray that New Mornings’ ministry teams would be able to return to the prison to lead the Fresh Start Course and Discovery Group in the coming months.

- Please pray for wisdom and peace for our family. Pray for smooth transitions and positive interactions at home, school and work.


-Pray that through Bible songs and scriptures memorized at the summer camp, the Gospel seed planted in moms' and children’s hearts and minds will one day grow and bear fruit.

-Max, our current children's ministry coworker, will be joining the national military service for four months. A seminary intern will fill in Max’s role during his absence. Pray for a good transition and that the children will bond well with him.

-A few believers at Yutian are still attending adult Bible study and Sunday Worship online. Pray that they will maintain spiritual vibrancy in their relationship with God.

-September 21 is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Yutian is planning to invite neighbors and friends to an outdoor celebration on September 19. Pray for good weather and programs that can help to deepen our relationships with these contacts.

-Pray that Christians in Taiwan are able to testify to the joy and peace from the Lord during the Ghost Month.


1. Kindly pray for eQuip Ghana (our Bible and Leadership Academy) faculty and in-person/online students. Our second graduation is just around the corner.

2. By the grace of God, we are nearing the finish line for our ministry center building project. Pray that God will provide for the finishing and furnishing. We are getting ready to do the floor tiling, install fiberglass window screens, painting of the building, and then furnish the offices, library, conference/training room, etc. Ps. God willing, needed items and total cost for furnishing will be published in our next newsletter report. Dedication of the facility is still slated for next Summer, 2022. 

3. Lastly, pray for Emmanualla (her story is captured in our recent newsletter report). Pray that the Lord will provide so we can acquire her the prosthetic legs and crutches.

August 2021 - Daryl & Mary WItmer

Daryl & Mary Witmer have served for many years in Monson, Maine, running an apologetics ministry called Areopagus To America (AIIA). We are excited to be sending a short term team to serve with them at the end of August!

Current prayer requests:

• That God would grant us a keen understanding of the times in which we live, so that our witness for Christ, and our answers to others with questions, are accurate, Biblical, and relevant.

• That God would inspire and energize us in our work — primarily intellectually for me (Daryl), physically (stamina-wise) for Mary who carries most of the load in keeping our home operations going, and for both of us as we more seriously contemplate God's will for us in our senior years — which are already here!

• Insofar as it corresponds to God's will we'd ask you to entreat Him for our physical health but, more importantly, that He would be glorified is us regardless of circumstances. 

• That God would arrange many productive fruitful exchanges with AT hikers, art students, and visitors during the short Summer and Fall months ahead when we are more easily able be out and about.

July 2021 - Matt & Julie Walsh

Matt & Julie and their family spent many years serving in Burkina Faso. This summer they are transitioning to a new ministry in West Africa. The Walshes will be working with Friends in Action, International doing technical work which includes: well drilling, building construction, bridge building, water distribution, road construction, water filtering and mobilization.

Current prayer requests:

  • Please pray for our family as we prepare to move to our new country at the end of August. There are a lot of logistics to take care of before we go and a lot of extra work to switch countries.
  • Please pray for our team in Burkina who continue to deal with difficult conditions due to terrorist activity in the country.
  • Please pray as we seek to raise additional support to cover the transition costs for our move and setup in our new country as well as the higher cost of living.