1. By God’s grace, our ministry efforts have seen over 200 rural Church leaders and Pastors trained and equipped since 2019. Praise God for a successful graduation ceremony for the 3rd batch of students/pastors/church leaders.

2. By God’s grace, we have ministered to over 1500 children and families in and around our rural communities and schools since 2019.

3. Praise God! We have completed and dedicated our missions center (Love in Christ Global Missions Center).

4. By God’s grace, we have acquired an acre of land for our ministry hospital project and a future permanent campus site for eQuip Ghana Bible College and Leadership Academy. This exciting project and journey are expected to commence in 2023. Details of the total cost would be published in the next newsletter report.

5. By God’s grace, we have partnered with over 15 local Bible-believing churches, especially the Presbyterian Church of Ghana to plant and build church pavilions.

6. By God’s grace, many have given their lives to Jesus through our outreach events and many are also being mentored and discipled in Bible-believing churches.


1. Kindly pray for our ministry leadership and the team of volunteers. Please pray for wisdom, grace, and good health, especially for our rural children, families, and farmers. 

2. Please pray for our upcoming ministry hospital project. It is expected to commence in 2023, God willing.

2. Pray for our ‘Back to School Outreach.’ It is slated for September 2022.

3. Pray for eQuip Ghana faculty and prospective students for the next year's 2023 High-Impact Rural Bible and Leadership training program (January – June 2023). Please pray that God would provide 100 Ghanaian Language Bibles for 100 rural pastors in 2023.

4. Pray for our Prisons Outreach, and Bible Radio Talk Show in the coming years. Pray for the ongoing Church Plant/building in partnership with our local Bible-believing churches.

5. We are still in need of school supplies for our End-of-Year School Outreach event known as Fun Time with Jesus in 2022. This event usually takes place during the Christmas season.

AUGUST 2022 - Matt & Julie Walsh

Matt & Julie and their family spent many years serving in Burkina Faso. This summer they are transitioning to a new ministry in West Africa. The Walshes will be working with Friends in Action, International doing technical work which includes: well drilling, building construction, bridge building, water distribution, road construction, water filtering and mobilization.

Current prayer requests:

  • Praise for the return of our team members from home assignment.  It is great to have everyone back together and we await the arrival of the fourth family in the summer.
  • Prayer that we would find a good masonry team to help us with all the building projects.  Unfortunately there is a very large markup when the masons see foreigners and we are struggling to find someone who is reasonable and still decent quality.  This is an important relationship and an opportunity to spend a lot of time with some local people and share the gospel.
  • Please pray for the Walsh family as they continue to adjust to their new home and ministry

july 2022 - Daryl & Mary WItmer

Daryl & Mary Witmer have served for many years in Monson, Maine, running an apologetics ministry called Areopagus To America (AIIA). 

Current prayer requests:

• Pray for the short term team from GPC who will be serving in Monson in August

• That God would be true to His promise to work in us both to will and to do His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). 

That God would grant us stamina and move us to be strong, authentic in our relationship with Him, faithful in our service, selfless, focused, inspired in our work, wise in our decision-making and bold for Jesus, regardless of the circumstances that might come along in our lives in 2022.

june 2022

Below are some requests from a GPC family serving in Western Asia

Thank you for lifting up the showing of the Passion Film. The people we personally invited couldn’t come but four university friends of a national brother did come! Additionally, a dear friend of Shannon’s came, who has been showing lots of interest. PTL! Please ask for fruitful conversations to continue with those who watched the film.

PTL, our visa application process was about as smooth as we have ever experienced! Other than quite a lot of questions from the staff at the immigration office, our applications were processed, and we were told we will get another year! Every year we get to live here is a gift!

Over this past weekend, we were able to celebrate Children’s Day with a school program and some fun events put on downtown. Additionally, we were invited by our neighbors directly below us to join them for dinner. We are very thankful for the opportunity to spend time with them. Please ask for more opportunities and boldness to share about the hope we have!

Lastly, can you please ask our Father for wisdom with some recent developments within our fellowship as well as some outside things? Ask for clarity, wisdom and unity for those in leadership and within the whole body. Thanks for understanding the need to be vague at this time.

may 2022 - Heather albrecht

Heather works with New Mornings Reentry Services, mentoring women at the Chester Counter Correctional Center and leading a Fresh Start class. Covid has definitely disrupted the routine of prison ministry and made mentoring and supporting women more challenging.

Please pray for...

  • The volunteers and co-workers who work alongside us at Lockheed Martin and New Mornings.
  • Additional volunteers to join the New Mornings’ ministry team and participate in trainings.
  •  Wisdom and creativity as we reach out to incarcerated individuals and their families.
  •  Our summer plans as we schedule childcare, vacation time, school camp for the kids, and Heather’s ministry hours.
  • Tim as he adjusts to his new work responsibilities, environment, and co-workers.

Thank God for...

  • Providing a different job  forTim which meets the needs of our family.
  • The opportunity for Heather to go back to work at the office with co-workers.
  • Family, friends, church, co-workers, therapists, and teachers who encourage and help us. 
  • The hope and healing we are all offered through relationship with Jesus!

april 2022 - BOBBY & MICHELE LAW

-Praise God for a fruitful time reconnecting ministry partners (churches and individuals) in-person in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan in the past two months.  Also, several meetings via Zoom. We leave for North Carolina on April 8.  Pray that God will continue to use our sharings to challenge many into missions.

-Pray for travel safety and health during our remaining home assignment in the US. We have not had much rest with all the travels.  Pray for adequate rest before we return to Taiwan on May 22.

-Christina is graduating from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program on May 8. She is taking the Physical Therapy board exam in late July.  Pray that she will prepare well for the exam and God will provide a suitable job for her.  

-Desmond is graduating from the Medical Doctor degree on June 12. It is a huge challenge for him to take the Taiwan medical board exam in Chinese.  He is considering taking the US medical board exam.  Pray that God will guide his decision.

-We are required to get COVID PCR tests no more than 2 days before we travel back to Taiwan on May 22.  Pray that the tests will show negative. Also pray that the quarantine period in Taiwan will be shortened from 10 days to 7 days by the time we return.

-We hope to visit Bobby’s mother in Malaysia. We haven’t seen her for more than two years due to COVID.  Pray that quarantine requirements both in Malaysia and Taiwan will be further reduced.