Intersect hour is every Sunday at 9 am when we connect to grow together through a variety of study options that vary month to month. The three things that always remain the same? A welcoming atmosphere of coffee and fellowship.

Current Intersect Studies

  • Never too late

    As parents, we long for our children to have deep faith in Jesus Christ. What can we do when an adult child turns from God? Learn practical, biblical wisdom to respond effectively to your own child or grandchild, or to help a friend who is going through this painful experience. 

    Cliff & Shirley Mast will facilitate this seven-week book/video taught by Dr. Rob Rienow who shares the powerful message of hope:  it's never too late to point a child's heart toward God.

  • Bridges out of poverty

    This seven-week class is designed to help us have a better understanding of what life is like in poverty. 

    Led by Tim Rogers & Chuck Holt, we will be discussing the causes of poverty, the hidden rules of class, and the resource families and communities need in order to get out of poverty and become self-sufficient.

Coffee Bar

(in the fellowship hall, by the kitchen)

Join us Sunday mornings at 9 am in a casual setting where coffee is served and interaction is encouraged. This is a place to engage with new people, develop relationships and an opportunity to practice "Where Every Story Matters."