What do you trust? Believe it or not we answer this question every day of our lives - it’s just that most of the time we don’t even know we’re asking it. You see, every time we make a decision we base that decision on a set of values or a piece of information or a set of beliefs we consider to be trustworthy.

For example, when you begin your day you must decide if getting up at that time is the best decision for your day. If you child is crying it certainly seems like if you’re going to be a good mother or father you should “trust” your instinct and get up to see what’s happening. If your alarm goes off and you look over doubting that you really want to get up but then remember that if you don’t make time to exercise in the morning you’ll never reach your goal weight you decide to “trust” your plan and you roll out of bed. From there you make a series of decisions that reveal what or who you trust - from what to eat, to when to go to work, to who to talk with, how to engage on social media, what to make of the news, how to set up your plans for the future in your career, family or finances... every moment of every day is filled with decisions we make that reveal what or who we trust to guide us in some of the most important (and daily) decisions that we make.

In this new teaching series at Grace Point Church called “Trust Me” we are going to be learning lessons of faith from one of the all-time greats. Lessons that will help us understand how faith really works in real life and how faith when properly understood can lead to a life of deep meaning, courage and commitment.

We hope you will join us for “Trust Me,” running from July 14-Aug 18 at 10:00am. We hope to see you here!