The side of the badminton racket came crashing down on the top of my skull with a sharp crack. My knees buckled and tears began rolling down my cheek as I suddenly was bent down in the soft backyard grass of my Aunt’s house in a suburban Connecticut development. Just like that an otherwise forgetful game of badminton with my cousins turned into a moment seared into my memory. My sister had had enough - enough of my comments, probably my criticisms of her play and probably my overly-competitive childlike tendency to want to win at everything even at the cost of a relationship… and with a sudden swat of the side of the racket brought her version of justice to the world.

I learned that day that what goes on on the inside is more powerful than what goes on on the outside. I learned that the way we see the world, often the unquestioned assumptions we bring to how it should work, can cause more pain and harm and confusion than anything else. And the challenge is that sometimes, no, make that most of the time, life is just too fast-paced to slow down and think about what really is going on inside us.

In this new teaching series at Grace Point we want to talk about “Big Questions That Shape Your World.” Questions like: 

• Isn’t religion based on faith and secularism on evidence?

• If we will all suffer, die and be forgotten is there such a thing as meaning in life?

• What will really bring me satisfaction and contentment? 

• Why can’t I live as I want to as long as I don’t hurt anyone else?

• What can I base my identity on so I don’t hurt myself or others?

• Is there such a thing as hope that abides and endures?

• Is it reasonable to believe in God?

We all answer these questions - it’s just that some of us do so intentionally while others do so unintentionally. We want to invite you to join us for the conversation - Sundays at 10:15am at Grace Point and Wednesday evenings during the Front Porch program at the Together Community Center at 6:30pm. We look forward to meeting you!