We are all searching for home. We search for the restful belonging of home in our relationships. We search for the confident grounding of home in the truth we embrace. We search for the creative inspiration of home in the hope we cling to. And while we search we know the path is hard. Self-made wounds of regret will be inflicted, the cold wind and rain will meet us in the valley of loss and some days are filled with so much uncertainty that quitting the search seems very appealing.

And yet… even in the face of all of this we can’t ignore the conviction that draws us to keep searching. We know home exists. And we hope it can be found. If you are on this search we would like to invite you to join us at Grace Point for our brand new series: “When Love Works: friendships blossom, truth prevails and hope endures.” Starting February 7 during our morning worship services we will walk with you on this search and hope you can see a home where love indeed works!