We have a saying around Grace Point Church that means something special to us - “every story matters.” When we say this we mean that God is involved in each of our stories and because of that “every story matters.” No matter how you’ve been raised, where you come from, what your past includes or where you stand relative to faith, we believe God is involved in each of our stories.

And it’s because of that belief that we want to do a new, unique series to kick off 2021. We want to give some people a chance to share part of their story of 2020 during our morning service. We hope by doing this we can find ourselves in their story and maybe even find God again in ours. 

You will hear from people processing how to heal relationships that were strained, why they chose to submit to restrictions even though they preferred not to, how some handled pain upon pain in 2020 and from young adults navigating a pandemic with a view to the future. We’d love to have you join us in-person or online Sunday mornings at 9:00 from Jan. 3-24. We hope to see you here!