Why this series? Catch anyone in one of their best moments and ask them about their future and you will hear someone who will verbalize a future that is better than their present. Whether they talk about their career or their parenting or their house or their family or their job or their faith or even just their hope and joy for life... we all have something in us that draws us to hope for a better future. Interestingly, in our world, better is often associated with “bigger.” A bigger house, a bigger paycheck, a bigger car, a bigger faith and bigger dreams all go along with the dreams we have for “better.” 

The unspoken reality is that everyone builds their view of bigger and better on top of a foundational set of assumptions that govern our decisions and dictate how we see reality. Some call this a “worldview” - it’s that often unspoken way we see the world and how it works. Some of our worldview assumptions are healthy and others, if we’re honest, might get us in trouble down the road if we can’t identify what they are. 

If it’s true that we have all have a worldview we base our future version of bigger and better on, then it might be worth asking the question, “what are the assumptions I am building my view of ‘bigger’ on?” 

As the calendar turns to a new year we want to focus on building a bigger (and better!) set of assumptions for you to build a bigger (and better!) life upon. We believe that in five weeks we can help you rethink some key assumptions about who God is, how you should view yourself, how you should view others, what your potential influence should look like and even how to handle future success.


We would love to have you join us for this series as we think bigger... together.