When’s the last time you noticed something new on your drive to work, school or the grocery store? Have you seen the kids playing horse and buggy on the Amish farm on your way? Or the new flowers that the new neighbor planted just this year? Or the house set 100 yards off the road just behind the line of trees? No? Well then you’re probably pretty normal. Or at least you’re a lot like me.

We all know there is more beauty, depth and richness all around us if we only “had time” to see it. Well, we’d like to help you slow down your pace just a little bit and see some things that you normally would drive right by. These “things” we’re talking about are the things that make up great friendships. Intentional friendships. The kind of friendships that go beyond just knowing our kids’ names, favorite sports team, restaurant, hobby or hangup.

If you’re anything like me I just drive right by the beauty, depth and richness of friendship on my way to work, school or the store. I don’t often stop and think about what it really means to be a great friend? What are the qualities that make up the strongest and best friendships in the world? And why do we need great friends and what happens when we don’t have them?

It’s our belief that friendship is God’s gift to us and that without great friendships we will never have the strength, ideas, resources or capacity to do the things that we could and should do. And that impacts not only your life, but the lives of your kids, grandkids, neighbors and yes, even your enemies.

We’re running a nine-part teaching series called “The Lost Art of Friendship” at Grace Point Church in September, October and November and we’d love to have you join us because we think it will help you slow down and notice what we all drive by way too quickly... the beauty, depth and richness of great friendships. So pull up a chair... we’d love to have you be part of the conversation - Sunday mornings at 10am.