There is little doubt that you have heard the name of Jesus. You may not believe in him, or follow him but you’ve heard of him. And when you hear his name it likely causes some kind of reaction in you that might range from anger to apathy to affection or something in between.

But if we stop to think about it, there was a time when no one heard the name of Jesus. No one had a reaction to his name because quite honestly there was nothing to know. He was simply unknown.

And then one day he changed all that by introducing himself to the world his way. His way provoked, prodded, challenged, confused and marveled. And that is why you know about him today.

Now let me ask you this... if someone you didn’t know was trying to get to know you would you rather they base their opinion of you on what others say or come get to know you themselves? While you may have heard of Jesus before, we want to invite you to come get to know Jesus yourself by letting him introduce himself to you through the pen of one of his closest followers: John.

This is exactly what we hope to do in this new teaching series at Grace Point Church called “Jesus.” Sundays at 10:15am at Grace Point and Wednesday evenings during the Front Porch program at the Together Community Center at 6:30pm. We look forward to meeting you!