When’s the last time you’ve heard good news? I mean really good news. Like, “she said yes!” or “it’s a boy!” or “I got the job!” When’s the last time that good news lasted more than a few moments, days or weeks?  Can you imagine living in a world where you heard more good news than bad? More good news than news that made you anxious, angry or appalled? 
Christians have long contended that they have “good news” to share with the world around them. News that is so “good” that everyone who lives in a community with a Christian should look at them and think, “Wow, I’m glad they’re here! They’re making this place so much better. They’re a source of hope and real help. It’s ‘good’ they’re here!” Now, when’s the last time you’ve heard that? Never? That wouldn’t surprise me. 
I’d like to invite you to join us for a special teaching series we’re doing at Grace Point Church simply called “Good News.” The point of this series is two-fold: one, to reframe our understanding of what good news actually is and two, to help us learn how we can live this out in our communities in ways that actually make a difference. 
Are you skeptical that Christianity can be good news? I invite you to listen along with us either in person or online and make your own decision on what you hear. Are you a Christian trying to figure out how your faith can actually make a life-changing difference? Listen in, we’ll do our best to challenge, encourage and equip you. 

Series runs from April 21-June 16 at 10:00am. I hope to see you here.