Here at Grace Point Church, we view missions as every Christian's responsibility.  We believe spreading the word about the hope of Jesus Christ is the essence of the missional responsibility we all have.  In fact, we state that to be a member of Grace Point Church is to see yourself as a missionary working in the field you are currently in.

Locally, Grace Point is invested heavily in The Factory Ministries.  The Factory is aimed at providing help with life and the hope of Jesus Christ to families right here in the Paradise community.  They are an excellent resource for connecting needs and resources in our local community.

In addition to supporting the work of the Factory, we support Water Street Rescue Mission, Christ's Home, Meals-On-Wheels, our local Food Bank and other opportunities as they present themselves.

  • Bobby & michele Law

    Bobby & Michele Law have been serving in Taichung, 

    Taiwan for most of their married lives. They have two children, Kristina & Desmond.

    Both Bobby & Michele are CPA's and work in administrative roles within their mission agency's (SIM) structure.  Bobby helps secure visas, etc. for those workers who are coming into Taiwan.  He also works to meet new missionaries housing and cultural transition needs, including language and cultural training.

    Michele works within the administrative structure of Morrison Christian Academy and uses her skill set in various accounting responsibilities.

    In addition to their administrative responsibilities, Bobby & Michele also work with summer English and Basketball camps through Morrison Christian Academy.

    Additionally, they are involved with the House of Blessing Church in support roles that include teaching, worship leading and children's ministries.

  • emmanuel & alice adomako

    Emmanuel, Alice and their young family are serving with Love In Christ, International. They are currently finishing their studies at Lancaster Bible College and plan to return to their home in Ghana in the summer of 2019. Through Love in Christ, Int'l they will be helping to train pastors in rural areas.

  • Matt & Julie walsh

    Matt & Julie Walsh serve in Burkina Faso, West Africa with their six young children, Thomas, Tessa, Stephanie, Sarah, Samuel, and Andrew.

    They are both graduates of Messiah College who majored in engineering.  They are using their talents in engineering to help the Handicap Center in Mahadaga work with over 1,600 disabled children in their region and spread the gospel as they do so.

    Most families are ill-equipped to handle the unique challenges and opportunities that come with a disability, and Matt & Julie help to design custom wheelchairs, walkers, etc. to improve quality of life and restore human dignity for many in the region.

    In addition, they help spearhead the effort to harness solar energy and dig wells for the communities they work with.  They have led many work teams from Messiah College in this effort over the years. 

  • Daryl & Mary Witmer

    Daryl & Mary Witmer have lived and served in Monson, Maine for most of their married lives.  They have three married children, Andrew, Steven & Tim. 

    Many years ago Daryl was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome.  Despite being "limited" to a wheelchair, Daryl has shown that his mind is not limited as he has founded an apologetics ministry called Areopagus To America (AIIA).  Mary faithfully provides the needed support for Daryl in the ministry as well as at home.

    Today, AIIA is headquartered in a restored church building in Monson, right off the Appalachian Trail.  In addition to providing rest and nourishment (physically and spiritually) to hikers, AIIA's headquarters is serving as a training grounds for the next generation of Christian leaders to deepen their faith foundations.

    Grace Point's youth group has experienced first-hand the training offered by Daryl and AIIA and students still talk about their trip to Monson with much fondness.

    The ministry of AIIA spreads beyond Monson as Daryl travels for various speaking engagements across the country, will debate religious leaders of other faiths and is responsible for printing a monthly thought letter that reaches Christians and non-Christians alike. 

  • Heather Albrecht

    Heather Albrecht and her husband Tim live in Lancaster County and attend Grace PointChurch.  Heather graduated from Lancaster Bible College with a degree in Professional Counseling and Bible.  

    Heather began her involvement in prison ministry about nine years ago and is currently serving as Prison & Reentry Assistant with New Mornings Reentry Services.  She works with women who are incarcerated and those who have returned to nearby communities.

    Heather leads a team of volunteers and teaches Fresh Start, a biblically based life skills class at Chester County Correctional Center.  She also teaches at the New Mornings Bible study in the Center and mentors women through one-on-one meetings.  In addition, Heather provides administrative support to New Mornings and her co-workers.

    New Mornings Website

    New Mornings on Facebook

  • A family in western Asia

    We are pleased to support a family in Western Asia working among an unreached people group.  They are involved in the work of church planting.

    They serve in a country that does not allow missionaries and so are using creative access to enter the country and begin to build relationships with the locals.  

    Pray for courage, wisdom and sensitivity for them as they seek to love and serve those they come in contact with.