Intersect hour is every Sunday at 9 am when we connect to grow together through a variety of study options that vary month to month. The two things that always remain the same? A welcoming atmosphere of coffee and fellowship.

Coffee Bar

Join us Sunday mornings at 9 am in a casual setting where coffee is served and interaction is encouraged. This is a place to engage with new people, develop relationships and an opportunity to practice "Where Every Story Matters."

current Intersect Options


    Connect Groups are medium sized inter-generational groups of approximately 25 people who meet weekly (Sundays at 9:00 am at GPC) with one another over a period of nine months. Connect Group members share their personal life stories and help each other integrate faith and life through ongoing relationships and reflection on the story of God in the Bible. 

    September 8 -May 2020 Rooms 13/14

  • joyful servants

    Joyful Servants is a class for ages 55-70 meeting on Sunday Mornings at 9:00.

    September 8- May 2020 Room 15

  • happy hearts

    Happy Hearts is a class for ages 70+ meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:00. They will be studying the International Sunday School Lesson.

    September 8-May 2020 Room 23

  • authentic connectons

    Authentic Connections is a class for ages 25-40 meeting on Sunday mornings at 9:00.

    September 8 -May 2020 Room 11/12