Reopening Plan

Grace Point Church - Summer 2020

Some background: A balancing act

The elders and staff have been working on a phased reopening plan shaped by both health and safety concerns and clarity around vision of a preferred ministry future. We understand some of us simply want “to get back to church” and some of us are very cautious. This provides a great opportunity to show grace without judgment to everyone! 

We have listened to our health professionals and understand this virus is not yet under control and therefore certain best practices can be followed as an act of love to our neighbor. In our gatherings we are recommending masks be worn, social distancing observed, greetings not include physical touch, and services not include congregational singing to begin. We will be constantly monitoring the developing health landscape in Lancaster County and will adjust this plan as necessary. 

We also believe this is a good time to consider moving toward a preferred ministry future. We have been talking for years about moving toward two services at GPC. We think this reopening season provides us a great opportunity to move in that direction. As we reopen gradually, two services is a natural help in limiting crowd size. While that provides a health safety benefit now we also want to use it to learn about two services and talk with you about what a future that might permanently include two services might look like. 

Additionally we would like to employ home groups as a new way for us to connect at GPC. Again, we think smaller groups in homes helps us with health safety right now but also serves a greater ministry purpose. We believe part of a preferred future involves the increased use of home groups as a means of discipleship. During this reopening season we think increasing home group engagement and experimenting and dialoging about two services can help us move toward a ministry future that could increase the impact and reach of the church in our community. We are looking forward to more conversations about these things as we move forward.

We hope that background helps you understand a bit more what the Elders and staff have been processing around our reopening. So without further ado, here’s more of the plan: (with a large asterisk: **subject to change** should the health landscape change).

Reopening Plan

Phase 1: Beginning June 14 we will have a live worship gathering at GPC for a group of 25 in the fellowship hall. The worship team will lead in song, but we will not participate in congregational singing yet. Full building access will be limited. We recommend masks be worn and that social distancing be followed. Nursery care will not be available. No handouts will be given, no offering passed and we recommend personal greetings be a wave or something similar instead of a handshake or hug. This recorded service will be available online to be watched by any small groups meeting Sunday mornings. To attend this service look for a registration link coming in the weekly GPC Happenings email. Home groups would be encouraged and discussion questions for Sunday’s messages will be provided.

Phase 2: Beginning June 28 we would like to increase to two live services of 25. Other aspects of phase 1 still apply.

Phase 3: Beginning July 5 we would like to increase to two live services of 50. Additionally, student ministry large group gatherings can return to normal with recommended health precautions. We also hope to begin opening nursery care at this time. Other aspects of phases 1-2 still apply.

Phase 4: Beginning July 12 we would like to increase to two live services of 100. We believe this will allow almost everyone who would like to attend in-person services to attend. We anticipate running this format for a month or more. Additionally we will be returning kids classes to operations during this time - exact date to be determined. Other aspects of phases 1-3 still apply.

Phase 5: In this final phase we will be moving toward our preferred future. We are looking at September 6 as a start date. We are looking forward to dialogue with you during this reopening time over the ideas and implications of two services and home groups and to what degree we are ready to move into that new ministry space.

We know there is a lot to process here and we look forward to processing all of this with you in the coming season. If you have specific questions right now, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of our staff or elders - we’d be glad to hear from you! 

Thank you for your patience, care and love for one another during this time. It really means a lot to us and means a lot to our community!

On behalf of the elders & staff,

Pastor Tim

  • sunday morning livestream

    We will be offering an online version of our service each Sunday at 10:15am via GPC Online Church. Please contact Jen Rogers with any questions.

  • Kids Ministry

    During the next several weeks, we encourage families to take advantage of the weekly resources posted to provide activities and learning opportunities for your children. We're thankful for our volunteers who serve our children each week and we hope these resources will be valuable to you as you encourage your childrens' spiritual growth. Click the links below for some great activities:

    Preschool Parents

    Elementary Parents

  • Student ministry

    While we won't be gathered together on Sunday mornings, there are still ways for significant engagement with quality content! Our hope is that you can take this opportunity at home to learn and worship together as a family! Click here for Student Ministry Resources

  • worship resources

    Have you been encouraged by our worship time on Sunday mornings? Worship is a core part of what we do at GPC and we hope these playlists will encourage you while we're not able to meet together in person. For a YouTube link, click here. For a Spotify playlist, click here. We can't wait until we can worship together in person again, but for now enjoy worship from home!

  • Right Now media

    Right Now Media is great resource with devotionals and topical studies available for anyone to use under our church subscription. Click here to create an account and access lots of great content.

  • the factory ministries

    The Factory Ministries will now be accepting food donations every Friday from 9AM - 12PM! As more closures occur, many families in Pequea Valley will struggle with food insecurity. Let's rally together as a community to help alleviate the burden that this season may have on many families who rely on school meals and The Factory Market for their weekly groceries. Thank you for stepping into this space and caring for your community through this time! 
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