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Week of March 29

Follow gpcsrhigh on instagram and tune in for Student Group Livestream Sunday at 6:30pm

Small Groups will be gathering virtually on zoom or google hangouts (small group leaders have details)

Guidelines for virtual gatherings and livestream engagement

Family Resources for Student Ministry

When Your Church Can't Meet

A Journey From Worry to Confident Hope” is a shared reading plan on YouVersion ( that you’re invited to begin with us this Sunday (March 29). Accept the invite here.

Anxiety Conversation Guide for Parents of Jr. High Students

Anxiety Conversation Guide for Parents of Sr. High Students

Crisis Conversation Guide for Jr. High

Crisis Conversation Guide for Sr. High

Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic

Coming Together During Covid-19

A Parent’s Guide to Family Night

9 Ways to Love Your Neighbor In This Pandemic

Spiritual Rhythms for Quarantine has loads of resources from cultural news, conversation starters, and topical guides that can help you engage with your teen about the most pressing topics  

The Culture Translator is in my newsletter each week

Video and non-video apps that could be leveraged to keep connected*

FaceTime (Apple Users Only)



Group text



*keep in mind you may not allow these apps or students may not be of legal age to use them