february 2024 - Matt & Julie Walsh

Matt & Julie and their family serve with Friends in Action, International in West Africa. The Walshes are involved in technical work which includes: well drilling, building construction, bridge building, water distribution, road construction, water filtering and mobilization.

Current prayer requests:

  • Please pray for the return of the Effler family from home assignment at the end of January.  We will all be together as a team again and increasing our ministry activities and outreach.
  • Please pray for the teams that are scheduled to come this spring.  We are planning on 4-5 teams in the next few months.  The first team is scheduled to come for the last two weeks of February and will be focusing on the fabrication of the second half of the work hangar.
  • Please pray as our family has begun to focus on Wolof language studies.  Matt, Julie, Thomas and Stephanie are meeting weekly with a language tutor.  It’s a mix of French, English and Wolof as we work first towards the ability to introduce ourselves and understand the basics.  Eventually we will work towards a deeper understanding and the ability to share the gospel in Wolof. 
  • Please pray for Thomas as he is going through the college application process for this fall.  He has been accepted at 4 schools and is trying to figure out the financial aid packages and narrow down the best fit from afar.
  • New ministry opportunities have begun to open up.  Thomas is going with our language helper once a week to participate in a house church ministry in a village about 30 an hour away.  Julie and Thomas just visited a woman who has terminal cancer near our area.  She was receiving treatment from a missionary doctor and we are looking at providing some follow up services for her and her family.
  • Please pray for partners for well drilling.  Once the well is completed on our land and we are able to move the drilling rig after Jeremy Effler gets back, we will be looking for places to drill wells in partnership with churches and ministries.  We have a few possibilities lined up but we need to go through the vetting process and need to find more potential partners.
  • Please pray for our family as we try to figure out what our home assignment will look like this summer/fall.  We are expecting to return to the US in June after three years here.  The first two months will likely be full of traveling and visits but then Thomas will be heading off to college and Tessa may return to the boarding school.  The following few months will be more church visits but the remaining four kids will need to spend a lot of time on school with Julie so we will likely be more settled somewhere and do trips on the weekend.  We have to figure out housing, travel and how long we need to be back to help Thomas transition but also wanting to get back here for Tessa.

January 2024 - Daryl & Mary WItmer

Daryl & Mary Witmer have served for many years in Monson, Maine, running an apologetics ministry called Areopagus To America (AIIA). 

Current prayer requests:

  • -Pray for continued health for Daryl as he battles an unresolved health issue at this time. Pray that he would trust God during this time.

  • -Strength and focus for Daryl & Mary to remain healthy and strong during the winter and as they continue to close out their ministry time with AIIA.

  • -Please also pray that, if it might please the Lord, we would be able to distribute the Compendium of Christian Apologetics Resources later this month, on schedule. Daryl has been working on this project for over a full year now (actually for 32+ years!) and would be very happy to know that it's out there being used to fortify believers, answer seekers, and challenge skeptics

  • DECEMBER 2023

    Please pray for our missionary family who previously served in Western Asia. Our friends have gone through a major transition this year. Pray that they will continue to process, heal and be able to discern the next steps for their family. Pray also for the ongoing court case that they are dealing with in Western Asia as well as the believers and partners they had to leave behind.

    november 2023 - Heather albrecht

    Heather works with New Mornings Reentry Services, primarily mentoring and teaching individuals impacted by the justice system. Heather is currently leading women's chapel at the Chester County Correctional Center. She is also coordinating reentry workshops, bringing resources to the men and women at Chester County Prison. In addition to Heather's involvement at the prison, she serves as a mentor at Mom's Club at The Bridge in Coatesville and is a member of the Chester County Reentry Coalition. 

    Please pray for...

    • Safety as Heather travels to West Chester and Coatesville regularly.
    • Wisdom as she networks with local agencies to present resources at prison.
    • A rise in donations to support Heather's increased hours and workload.

    • Energy and creativity as she prepares lessons and organizes workshops.

    Thank God for...

    • New Mornings' being invited back to the prison to lead chapels and workshops.
    • Courage and clarity as Heather was offered new opportunities and responsibilities.
    • The Albrecht's new home, neighborhood, and school.

    October 2023 - BOBBY & MICHELE LAW

    • Pray for Bobby & Michele as they seek guidance for the next steps in their ministry
    • Praise for a healthy delivery of their first grandchild
    • Pray for refreshment and encouragement in their ministry
    • Pray for believers in Taiwan to continue to grow in their faith


    1. Please continue to pray for our ministry leadership and team of volunteers. Please pray for wisdom, grace, and good health, especially for our rural children, families and farmers.

    2. Pray for our hospital project, field volunteers and construction workers.

    3. Pray for eQuip Ghana’s High-Impact Rural Bible and Leadership training program for the year 2024. Please pray that God would be glorified as we eQuip Ghana celebrates 5 years of training and equipping rural church leaders. Please continue to pray that the Lord would provide the resources to purchase 200 Ghanaian Language Bibles for 200 rural pastors in 2023. By His grace, we have managed to serve 100 rural pastors with Bibles in their native language.

    4. Pray for our Prisons Outreach, Bible Radio Talk Show in the coming years. Pray for the ongoing Church Plant / building in partnership with our local Bible-believing churches.

    5. Please continue to pray for us. We are trusting God and planning to travel to the United States to visit our sending and supporting churches. We plan to travel in December 2023, God willing. Pray for our visa application and interview process that is scheduled to take place on October 10, 2023.