may 2023 - Heather albrecht

Heather works with New Mornings Reentry Services, mentoring women at the Chester Counter Correctional Center and leading a Fresh Start class. Covid has definitely disrupted the routine of prison ministry and made mentoring and supporting women more challenging.

Please pray for...

  • My family, as we settle into our new home (just 2 miles from our current home) and transition to our summer schedule soon.
  • The ministry opportunities and connections that we have made over the past year will continue to grow.
  • My family and the ministry team to be sensitive to God's guidance and the needs of others through the summer months.

Thank God for...

  • A call I received recently from a staff member at Chester County Prison inviting us to come in to visit soon!
  • The ministry teams at LTM, New Mornings, and The Bridge Academy & Community Center. 
  • Opportunities we've had to distribute Grace Bags, participate in Mom's Club, and partner with local ministries and organizations. 
  • The women's retreat I attended earlier this month with Providence Church Coatesville and Mom's Club.
  • Friends that our family has made in our current neighborhood and connections we are already making in our new neighborhood. 


Yutian church plant is going to have an Easter outreach on April 9.  We plan to distribute plastic Easter eggs with Easter messages to the neighbors of the church before Sunday and invite them to join the Easter activities at 11 am on Sunday.  Pray that many will come to the Easter activities.

Some co-workers and members at Yutian church plant continue to face many challenges in their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Pray for God's healing and they will stand firm in their faith.

We spoke at one of the workshops and served as counselors at a mission camp in March.  Pray for wisdom as we try to follow up with some of the participants as they seek to serve in cross-culture missions.

After our last home assignment, SIM USA and we decided to have annual Home Assignments.  Our supporters spread over 7 states.  We found it very difficult for the church and individuals to get to know us and our ministries if we only do short visits and then leave.  We will be on Home Assignment (HA) from mid-May to the end of July.  The focus of this HA will be visiting churches and supporters on the West Coast. Pray for a good connection with our supporting churches and individuals.

Great news....Christina is expecting her first child at the end of May.  We will start our HA in Houston. Pray for smooth delivery of our first grandchild.

Desmond graduated from a medical school in Taiwan in June last year.  He is studying hard to take Part one of the Taiwan Medical Board Exam in July.  The exam is going to be in Chinese and he is taking a review class to prepare for it.  Pray that he will learn to lean on God and prepare well. 

Bobby's mom seems to exhibit more symptoms of dementia.  Bobby's brother is trying to find someone who can give a more accurate assessment of her condition.  Pray that this person can be located soon.


Prayer Requests, Ministry Needs & Upcoming Events

1. Kindly pray for our ministry leadership and team of volunteers. Please pray for wisdom, grace, and good health, especially for our rural children, families and farmers.

2. Pray for our hospital project, field volunteers and construction workers.

3. Pray for eQuip Ghana faculty and students and the ongoing High-Impact Rural Bible and Leadership training program (January – June 2023). Please pray that God would provide 200 Ghanaian Language Bibles for 200 rural pastors in 2023.

4. Pray for our Prisons Outreach, Bible Radio Talk Show in the coming years. Pray for the ongoing Church Plant / building in partnership with our local Bible-believing churches.

5. Please pray for us. We are trusting God and planning to travel to the United States to visit our sending and supporting churches. We plan to travel in December 2023, God willing. Pray for our visa application and interview process that is scheduled to take place on October 10, 2023. Also, by God’s grace, Alice and I have been invited to speak at the upcoming World Christian Endeavor Conference in Germany. We are scheduled to be there on July 19-25, 2023. Please pray that all our paperwork will go through and the lord would provide the needed funds for our air tickets and other logistics.

february 2023 - Matt & Julie Walsh

Matt & Julie and their family spent many years serving in Burkina Faso. In 2022, they transitioned to a new ministry in West Africa. The Walshes will be working with Friends in Action, International doing technical work which includes: well drilling, building construction, bridge building, water distribution, road construction, water filtering and mobilization.

Current prayer requests:

  • Please pray for our family as we explore additional school possibilities for next year.  The deadline for making a decision will be coming up in the next few months.
  • Please pray especially for Thomas and Tessa as they are taking harder online classes and it can be difficult to keep up with all the work.  Thomas is taking several college dual enrollment classes as well as AP classes this year.
  • Please pray for energy to continue with all the construction at Shiloh.  While there is steady progress, it still feels like we are several months away from finishing the houses.
  • Praise for the first well drilling team this year.  We had 5 guys come from Canada and work on 3 wells the last week of January.  While there were several challenges, they were able to complete 1 of the wells and drill over 450’ on a second well that still needs some work.  The soil on the third location will require a different type of drilling and will have to be done later.
  • Praise for Latyr’s family.  Our night guard/construction foreman had a baby at the beginning of February.  Please pray for the family and our continuing relationship.

january 2023 - Daryl & Mary WItmer

Daryl & Mary Witmer have served for many years in Monson, Maine, running an apologetics ministry called Areopagus To America (AIIA). 

Current prayer requests:

• Pray for the Lord to grant Daryl special wisdom, creative energy, discipline and stamina as he works on compiling, publishing and distributing a Compendium of Christian Apologetics Resources - a key focus for 2023. 

For guidance and safety through another long, Maine winter.

For successful cataract surgery for Daryl this year and continued good health for Mary.

 For God to move in the lives of our Monson neighbors, drawing them to Himself and, as a result, to church.

december 2022

Below are some requests from a GPC family serving in Western Asia

  • Our fellowship was officially accepted to become a branch of a legally recognized foundation for our city! Please ask that we will be able to find a landlord who will be willing to rent a space to us, which is often times difficult for those not a part of the majority religion. After we attain a rental contract, we can then officially go to the local government to register our fellowship.
  • Sometimes it seems like we take one step forward and then two steps back. That is currently how it can appear with the members of our fellowship. There have been some problems. Please ask that we will be humble, wise and loving as we wait and look for ways to bless in the midst of the trying circumstances. 
  • Praise that there have been some new men who have wanted to meet with what appears to be genuine interest. Please ask for our Father to continue to work in their hearts and for wisdom for Eric especially, as he meets with them
  • We is keeping busy with getting the facilities and vehicles ready for winter at the retreat center. With most of the staff being new, We will also be needing to do training on winter operations (i.e. keeping roads and paths cleared of snow, sledding hill safety and equipment, centralized heat system management, safely towing guest vehicles up through the villages, etc.). Please ask for us to have wisdom, patience and to be gracious as we engages with the national staff. 
  • This month we are hoping to give out cookies/candy and some information about what we are celebrating to our neighbors. Please ask for boldness to take the opportunities that come as a result of neighbors reading the information they receive and, please ask for the neighbors to have softened hearts. 
  • The day before Thanksgiving we experienced our first "real" earthquake. It was a 6.0 and was quite the wake-up at 4 AM. People in our city haven't had a bigger earthquake since 1999, when many buildings collapsed, and there were many deaths. This most recent quake brought back a lot of memories. Thankfully there wasn't really much damage other than some things falling in our apartment. We are accustomed to more frequent small quakes as we live on a fault line . Please ask that we will be able to point people here to the one who is with us through the earthquakes and who we can put our hope and trust in for eternity.