Our Mission

Our mission at Grace Point Church is to develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


We believe that God holds out hope to all of us through the person and work of Jesus. Because Jesus died on the cross for our sin, we believe that we have the chance to be restored to a right relationship with God through faith in his Son.


You'll hear us say at Grace Point that "every story matters." By that we mean that no matter where you are right now in the ongoing story of your life, your story matters to God and also to us. We want to meet you where you're at and serve you well.


So if you've never been introduced to Jesus before, we'd like to meet you there. If you have been, but have been turned off to him for whatever reason, we'd like to meet you there. If you already believe in him and are ready to grow, we want to meet you there and help you continue to grow.


Every story matters - including yours!  


Our vision at Grace Point Church is to be a transforming presence in the town square.  We want to pursue the social, spiritual and cultural good of the community around us by helping people connect to each other, to God and the systems around them.

Our Values

Our core values are meant to be a reflection of the culture we see at Grace Point Church right now. Reading these should give you a good idea of the spirit of Grace Point. Each value statement is teamed with a question designed to help you reflect on your own personal growth as we walk this journey together.

1 - We live fearlessly, forgive generously and speak openly. We reject the culture of sin management and embrace confession, honesty and grace in relationship with others.

Question - Am I stepping into my fears and living honestly before others?


2 - We serve our neighbor with abandon. We pour our energy into sacrificial and strategic service for the common good of those who live next door and around the world.

Question - Who, where and how am I serving?


3 - We believe we are transformed spiritually when we embrace challenges together. Faith is exercised when failure is possible. We hate sideways momentum. We are either growing or dying.  

Question:  How is my faith transforming me?


4 - Ministry always comes before money. If God wants us to do it, we will step out in faith. 

Question:  Who do I trust and what do I value?


5 - The fullness of God beats the brokenness of man any day. The life of God is more fulfilling than money, sex, power, reputation or anything else we chase. 

Question - What do my desires tell me about my heart?


6 - At the beginning, middle and end of the day, God is in charge and what He wants, goes. The Bible reveals God’s clearest desires. When what I want conflicts with what God wants, He wins.

Question - How much authority am I willing to give God & His Word in my life?


7 - We aim for joyful, creative and engaging environments for our hearts to be captured by the life of Jesus. Every age group should look forward to Grace Point events. 

Question - Is the environment I'm helping to create engaging?