The Together Initiative Mission

Together for the common Good

Those five words summarize our mission statement.  We believe that by bringing individuals and organizations together to serve Pequea Valley in strategic ways, we can help create a stronger and healthier community.

The Together Initiative Network is simply the means by which individuals and organizations can serve our community.  We believe the old adage is true:  If you want to go faster, go alone, if you want to go farther, go together.


In late 2011, five organizations in the Pequea Valley community got together and asked, what could we do to make Pequea Valley a better place if people and financial resources were no object?  The answer to that question became our first year collaborative effort called Together 2012.

Between Grace Point & Keystone Churches, The Factory Ministries, Paradise Township and Pequea Valley School District, we began construction on a building for community food services, sponsored workshops, tutored students, cleaned roads, renovated an old building, put a new roof on another, threw block parties, taught cooking classes and much more.

What started as a grand experiment in 2011 is now maturing to a stronger partnership. We are all after the common good of the Pequea Valley area and invite you to join us in the journey!

The team

  • Grace Point Church of Paradise
  • Keystone Church
  • Hershey Mennonite
  • Calvary Monument Church
  • The Factory Ministries
  • Pequea Valley School District
  • Paradise Township

If you want to learn more about this initiative, visit our Facebook page.