What’s your current version of “the good life?” When you’re 5 it might be being able to eat all the cake you could ever imagine. When you’re 25 it might mean getting married or landing the perfect job. When you’re 55 it might mean having enough money to be financially free. When you’re 75 it might mean having health and time to invest in your family. While none of these are necessarily bad (except maybe gorging on cake!), at some point in life we realize that our version of the good life that we’re pursuing shifts and changes with our life stages. Who’s to say we’re pursuing the best things with the one life we have to live?

Jesus introduces to us another way of living the good life. Through story he tells us what the kingdom of God is like. He encourages us to think differently about love, faith, money, forgiveness, hope, relationships and on and on. This summer at GPC we’re going to be exploring the “good life” according to Jesus using his parables as a guide. We hope you’ll be encouraged no matter what stage of life you’re in that the “good life” in the kingdom of God is both accessible to you and worth pursuing with all your heart. 

Join us Sunday mornings at 10:15 this summer for “The Good Life.”