What’s your favorite Christmas Carol? Mine is Hark the Herald Angels Sing. I have my reasons why (which I’ll share more about this month at GPC), but what’s yours? Think about it for a minute, and then think about how much hope, joy, longing and desire is wrapped up in the songs we sing this season. Nearly every Christmas song (including ones considered “secular”) is tied to some more significant theme representing the best this season has to offer. 

For the first four Sundays of December we’re going to be considering four key songs that reflect four values of the Christmas season and how they tie in to the Christmas story. They are not only beautiful but they reflect deeper longings of our hearts: longings for peace, hope, holiness, joy and maybe above all, for God to be near to us. We’d love to have you join us this Christmas season on Sunday mornings at 10:15 as we reflect together on all this season means through our new series: A Christmas Song.